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How to Draw Pretty Anime, Pretty Anime


how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime


Draw a circle for the head and then draw in the guides for the face and body like you see here. Since you will only be drawing her face and upper body, this should be a relatively easy female figure to draw.


how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 1


Okay, lets start sketching out the shape of her face structure and then when that is done, draw in the slightly arched thick top eyelid lines like so. Sketch in some of her hair starting with the bangs.

how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 2



Sketch in the shapes of her big eyes, and then draw in the eyebrows, mouth, small nose, and then some blush marks on her cheeks. See how easy this tutorial is so far?

how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 3


Now that the face is all done, the best way to start this step is to sketch out the apple concept hat which looks exactly like the half of an apple. Draw in the stem, and then sketch out her long wavy locks which should also contain hair strand lines. You will then sketch out the neck and her left shoulder

how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 4


Continue to draw out the body by sketching out her right shoulder and then draw in her arms. When that is done draw in the chest which is nothing more than a bump for her left breast. Draw out the ruffled lined shirt, and then move to step six.

how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 5



Okay guys, you will now finish drawing out the shirt by adding the straps, and then draw in the necklace as well as the apple pendant. Draw in some lining at the ends of the ruffles and then add some last minute detailing to the clothing like some wrinkle and crease lines.

how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 6



For the last drawing step all you need to do is sketch out the rest of her body that is visible which is the waist and hips. Draw in some more of her hair that is hanging down her back, and then draw in the waist of her skirt. Erase the guides that you drew in step one to clean up the sketch.


how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 7



You are all done with this lesson on drawing pretty anime. Color her in to finish off the girl, and then you have just completed yet another tutorial on a lovely anime female with a fruit based concept

how to draw pretty anime, pretty anime step 8




How to Draw Ichigo Momomiya, Tokyo Mew Mew

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew


Okay guys are you ready or what? Begin by making a circle shape for Ichigo’s head guide. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines like so.

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 1


Next, simply make the pointed V shaped line for her chin.

 how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 2


Using the facial guidelines, draw out her eyes in a very excited manner. Of course these are only the lines for her eyelids so they have to be nice and thick. Sketch in the lashes, then draw the crease lid line as well as her eyebrows. End this step by drawing out the U shaped mouth and add some pointed teeth in a small scale.

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 3


Continue to draw out her eyes by adding the shapes of them. You will color in the pupils as well as darken the top area from where the pupils begin. Add crease of cheek lines under her eyes.

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 4


Now that you basically have her face all drawn out, you can begin drawing her head and hair. I would start in the front by making the two arches which will be the front part of her short, straight hairstyle. Make the bangs sharp and pointed as well as in a row, then draw Ichigo’s cat like ears. Finish the style off by sketching out the shapes of the thick, pointed ears like so, then sketch in some detailing and definition through out.

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 5


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the shape of her skinny neck, as well as her shoulders and some of the arms. Draw the fury collar that Ichigo Momomiya wears around the neck, as well as the small pendant. Erase any mistakes and guides that you drew and made along the way.

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 6


When you are all done tackling this tutorial, your drawing should look like the one you see here, or close to it. Now you can have fun coloring her in. I do hope you enjoyed my version on how to draw Ichigo Momomiya.

how to draw ichigo momomiya, tokyo mew mew step 7


How to be a good presenter

“Ladies and gentlemen….”
Food for thought on speakers and audiences!Quazi M. Ahmed

“Once you get people laughing, they’re listening and you can tell them almost anything.”
– Herbert Gardner

A research conducted many years back in the US asked close to a thousand people this simple question: “What are you most afraid of?” The answers, among many others, were: darkness, snakes, spiders, drowning, cockroaches, dogs, ghosts, death and obviously God’s name came up in the list too. Any guesses as to which item was ranked number one? Yes, speaking before a group of people, reportedly, was the number one source of fear in that research project. Apparently, even fear of death was not as scary as the thought of public speaking. Perhaps this is the reason why someone quipped that the human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in front of others.

Well, sooner or later in your life, whether as a student or as an executive, you’ll be asked to deliver a presentation–an activity that creates a certain kind of fear in many people. But once you follow a few simple guidelines, you can conduct trouble-free, entertaining presentations that would help you earn an excellent grade at the university or get the much-desired attention from colleagues and superiors.

It might sound like I am beating my own drum but I must admit that over the years, many people approached me after my speech or presentation at a training programme and told me that my presentation was excellent and that they also would like to learn the art of speaking. Keeping this context in mind, I am pleased to share some of my thoughts on the issue of presentation skills.

First, let me share an interesting set of statistics with you. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found out in his research that when we express feelings and attitudes through our presentations, the impact goes something like this: only 7% of the message is in the words; 38% of message is the way the words are spoken; and 55% of message is in facial expression. In others words, 93 percent of success of your presentation depends on your effective delivery of nonverbal communications. I believe now you have a clue why “I have a dream” speech of Martin Luther King, Jr. became so famous the world over or for that matter why 7th Match speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s speech at the race course maidan was so much inspiring for all freedom-loving Bangalees. Thus, my suggestion is that pay careful attention to nonverbal aspects of communicationssuch as eye contact, tone, facial expressions, volume, gesture, posture, handshake, physical distance from the audience and the like.

Secondly, one of the challenges for a novice presenter is how to structure the talk. Here is the age-old three-step method. In any presentation, your first step is to “tell them what you are going to tell them’; step two is to just ‘tell them’ one idea at a time and the third and final step is to ‘tell them what you told them’. Put differently, you first announce your topic, then you divide the topic into different parts and explain each component with data, anecdotes, etc. and finally you take a few moments to summarize. Maybe not a very creative system, but the beauty of this simple approach is that here the audience gets the feeling that you are an organized and systematic presenter.

Those among us who know a thing or two about presentations will perhaps remember that mainly there are four different kinds of presentations, known as impromptu, extemporaneous, memorized and written script. When you watch a debate, you can see extempore speech in action where the debaters have notes or key words at their disposal but rest of the speechmaking comes naturally, neither from rote memorization nor from script reading. I haven’t met anyone yet who can appreciate a memorized speech, except when we are talking about things like poetry recitation (amar naam Chitra, ami ekti kobita bolbo..). As for speaking from scripts, we get to see this everyday on BBC, CNN or Al Jazeera when the likes of Obama or Ahmedinejad read out their speeches when sensitive positions are taken with regard to global issues or when they hardly want to take any risk of misinterpretation by the press or principal stakeholders.

Thirdly and finally, a few words about impromptu speaking. It basically means that you are expected to speak on occasions such as dinner, iftar or farewell party without any preparation or at best preparation for a minute or two. Now we all know that if you are known as an experienced presenter or as an expert on a particular subject, you will certainly be asked to give an impromptu speech at one time or another. And most likely you will do an excellent job of speaking, impressing the host and the audience. But what if you are not an expert and yet you have to do a good job of speaking and saving your face? Here is what I call “A2F Method” of impromptu speaking which can be extremely helpful in such circumstances.

The next time you are suddenly called on stage to say something and you don’t have a clue as to what to say, think about the A2F Method where ‘A’ stands for ‘Appreciation’ of the organizers who arranged the event where you are being asked to share your thoughts. As you can see, you don’t have to say anything clever initially; just say something like, “I deeply appreciate the organizers for giving me this opportunity to say something on this (name of the occasion…)”. With ‘B’ you simply think of the word ‘Best’ or its synonyms. Why? Because, now you are going to say that the issue or topic being discussed is best-suited, topical, appropriate, whatever. This will make the organizers feel happy. For ‘C’ I want you to choose the expression ‘Care’ and in this context, share a story, an anecdote that relates your life with the discussion.

All the first three letters, namely A, B and C had to do with creating a positive emotion: you thanked them, told them that they are doing a good thing and you even proved that you mean it through an example or two. Now it’s about time that you walked in the other direction. What I mean by that is that an element of shock is necessary for creating an impact. For instance, reserve the letter ‘D’ for ‘Danger” and as part of your speech say that “while it is good to see that we are concerned about the child labour issue in Dhaka, but I am afraid many of us say these things only in seminars and workshops and may not take concrete steps towards solving the problems.” By now you have said quite a few things and perhaps time is short and you quickly move on to the remaining two letters. As far as ‘E’ is concerned, we now bring up ‘Electronic’ communications opportunities and announce that the audience can reach the speaker through email, and if they want to know more about the subject matter, they can search on the internet or go to relevant websites, etc. Having completed your speech up to this point, you are welcome to use ‘F’ in the form of ‘Finally’ and share your parting thoughts along these lines: ‘Finally, I sincerely believe that you have learned quite a few things here and if you can apply at least 1 idea, if not more, then the effort will be successful. Thank you.”

In all frankness, I have tried the above fail-proof A2F Method numerous times in my career as a trainer, presenter and facilitator. And there is no reason why you can’t do the same. Let me wish you good luck with your presentations.


How to Become a Film and Television Actor

Child - Neko Girl - velsea-supporters photo

Have you ever dreamed of one day becoming a famous Hollywood actor? If so, the first thing you need to realize is that this dream can become a reality if you’re willing to put in the time, training, dedication, passion and patience required to make it in Hollywood.

If you’ve always wondered how to become a film or television actor, then here are ten steps that may not get you the role of a lifetime, but they will help you to treat your acting career as a career and not simply as something you choose to do for fun.

Keep in mind that if you’re hoping to become a theater actor, some of these may not apply to you. However, all ten steps are good to keep in mind no matter what type of acting you decide to pursue.

Step 1: Learn How to Act

Seems like a given, doesn’t it? But I can’t tell you the number of people that come out to Hollywood thinking that all they need to do is get a job as a waiter at some popular restaurant, meet an agent, get “discovered” and then it’s nothing but champagne and caviar from there. Uh…no.

Acting is first and foremost a craft. The best of the Hollywood actors understand this and no matter how far they have come in their careers, they are constantly looking to improve upon their craft. They take classes, work with acting and dialogue coaches, they study life experiences, etc. They know full well that even after a lifetime of work and study, they may never reach absolute perfection.

So, for you, it’s imperative that you take a wide variety of acting classes. Work in a wide variety of styles with a as many different groups of people that you can find. Try it all. From Shakespeare to comedy, from improv to cinema verite — the more you know, the more well rounded you’ll be and ultimately, the better prepared you’ll be for whatever roles come your way.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location

I hate telling people this, but if you hope to work in film and/or television as an actor, you need to go where the work is. Now, that doesn’t necessarily doom you to living in Los Angeles or New York. After all, there are plenty of acting jobs in Vancouver, Montreal, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore, etc.

But, New York and Los Angeles are where most of the casting directors work and live. So, many of the shows that are shot in Canada or other cities within the U.S. are still cast in LA or New York. So, even though you don’t necessarily need to move here, keep in mind that it is where most of the action is.

Step 3: Be Willing to do What it Takes

No, that doesn’t mean what you think it means. Don’t worry about the “casting couch.” But you must be willing to do what it takes for the sake of your craft. You might ultimately have to sacrifice certain aspects of your life to ensure that you will have success as a working Hollywood actor.

You must take the time to master your craft. If that means sacrificing a relationship or a few friendships along the way, so be it. I know that sounds rather harsh, but acting is not a 9-5 job by any stretch.

If you’re lucky enough to land a role in a major film or television production, realize that this is not the glamorous Hollywood job you might’ve thought it would be.

It’s a lot of work, often 14-20 hours per day, in all kinds of conditions and at least initially, for not much money.

Even actors who make millions of dollars per picture still must “work” to earn their keep. They are on location for months at a time and every day they commit themselves both emotionally and physically to their roles. It can be extremely exhausting. You must prepare yourself both mentally and physically for this type of challenge.

It’s one of the many reasons why Hollywood stars have trainers, psychologists, plastic surgeons, nutritionists and divorce attorneys at their beck and call. Their job is hardly an easy job.

Step 4: Commit Yourself

I once had a friend of mine tell me that there are no bad actors, just actors who aren’t willing to “fully commit” themselves to their craft.

Just as I mentioned above that you have to make certain sacrifices to make it as an actor in Hollywood, one of those is your ego. If you’re about looking cool, or trying to maintain a certain image, then acting might not be for you.

The best actors are those who are willing to let themselves be 100% consumed by the role they are playing. They physically become the person they portray.

If you’re in the middle of delivering your lines and suddenly you let yourself drift back into your own life, you are not fully committed to the role and your performance will show it. You have to literally “forget yourself” to help ensure the quality of your performance.

Step 5: Be Nice

Hollywood is all about helping those you know because they might one day be in a position to help you as well. So, you need to remember this steadfast rule — be nice to everyone. From agents’ assistants to fellow cast members to whomever you meet in Hollywood. Remember, that assistant you treated poorly two years ago might one day become a casting director, film producer, talent agent or whatever. And trust me, they’ll remember those who stomped on their toes on their way up the ladder.

Conversely, they’ll remember those who were nice the whole way up and they’ll be that much more inclined to help them achieve their own goals.

Okey.. Just it.. Try That

Lost Adventure The KAGURA (Chap. Bonus)


As He say.....Listen to Him...

Namaku Rito. Rito Oikawa. Di sekolahku, aku dijuluki “Einstein” oleh seorang guru dan beberapa temanku. Entah mengapa dan sejak kapan. Bisa dibilang aku ini siswa yang pandai. Nilaiku tak pernah kurang dari 90. Dan, aku juga sering diikutkan lomba, atau lebih tepat disebut olimpiade, oleh guruku. Kali ini, masalah yang menimpaku hanya satu, masalah cinta.
Dua hari yang lalu, aku mengikuti final olimpiade di ibukota. Sebelum lomba, peserta bisa beristirahat maupun berkeliling di penginapan yang telah disediakan. Karena aku bosan berada di kamar, aku memutuskan mengelilingi penginapan itu. Aku berjalan, dan berjalan. Baru kusadari bahwa penginapan itu lebih besar dari perkiraanku. Penginapan itu sangatlah besar! Tiba-tiba, aku bertemu seorang gadis. Dia, cantik. Ternyata dia tersesat dan tak bisa menemukan jalan kembali ke kamarnya. Ya, mau tak mau aku pun mengantarnya mencari kamarnya. Sepanjang perjalanan, kami bercakap-cakap. Baru kusadari wawasannya sangat luas. Belum berapa lama, kami menemukan kamarnya. Dia pun mengucapkan terima kasih lalu tersenyum dan masuk ke kamarnya. Niatku menanyakan namanya, tapi dia sudah masuk ke kamarnya.
Olimpiade pun dimulai. Aku mengerjakannya dengan baik dan dalam waktu singkat. Aku bisa menyelesaikan keseluruhan soal dalam waktu 33 menit dari 120 menit waktu total yang diberikan. Sisa waktu itu kugunakan untuk melihat sekeliling. Siapa tahu aku bisa menemukan gadis itu. Namun, aku tak menemukannya dimanapun.
Pengumuman hasil olimpiade pun datang. Tidak diragukan lagi, akulah yang mendapat juara pertama. Guru-guru dan teman-teman bangga padaku. Namun, pikiranku masih terdapat rasa penasaran yang sangat besar tentang identitas gadis itu.
Ternyata, 5 besar olimpiade itu diundang mendatangi sebuah tempat peristirahatan terkenal di ibukota. Ya, lumayan juga aku bisa menikmati wisata gratis di sana. Tapi, tidak hanya itu, saat aku sampai di tempat peristirahatan itu, aku bertemu dengannya, dengan gadis itu. Ternyata dia termasuk 5 besar!
Tak menunggu lama, aku langsung menghampiri gadis itu. Aku langsung menanyakan siapa namanya. Dia lalu tersenyum manis dan berkata, “Namaku Haruna Nanami. Dan, aku… Aku… Aku menyukaimu…”

Inspiration : http://storylsmy.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html

Lost Adventure The KAGURA (Chap. 4)

He Said It…. So,, Do It!

He Said It.... So,, Do It!

Listen to Him…

Sore ini, pukul 4 sore nanti, Lucia dan keluarganya akan menaiki pesawat yang akan membawa mereka ke entah negara mana. Dan sekarang, pukul 2 siang, apa yang kulakukan?? Aku hanya berbaring di tempat tidurku yang nyaman tanpa melakukan apa-apa!! Bukankah seharusnya aku bersiap-siap menuju bandara untuk mengantarkan keberangkatan mereka? Hwaaa..!! Aku harus cepat! Bandara itu berada di bagian timur kota, bagian paling timur kota!

    Aku pun langsung berlari ke kamar mandi untuk membersihkan badanku, lalu bergegas ke luar rumah. Lalu aku berpikir, kendaraan apa yang akan kugunakan menuju ke bandara itu sehingga aku dapat lebih cepat? Lalu kulihat papan skate yang dipinjamkan oleh Hiru padaku. Dan tepat di sebelahnya, kulihat petasanku yang entah sejak kapan ada di sana. Ya, akan kucoba menggabungkan papan skate dan petasan itu sehingga menjadi kendaraan yang cepat. Ya!
    Lalu kurangkaikan papan skate dan petasan itu. Aku pun membawa skate modifikasi itu dan berlari dengan cepat menuju jalan setapak ke arah bandara. Sampai di jalan setapak, langsung kulemparkan papan skate itu ke tanah dan menaikinya. Tanpa menunggu lama, langsung kunyalakan petasan yang ada di kedua sisi papan skate itu. Dan….
    Meledaklah petasan itu dan memberi tekanan lebih sehingga papan skate yang kunaiki bisa melaju lebih cepat. Yeah! Kecepatan seperti inilah yang kusukai. Ya, sejak dulu, kecepatan identik denganku. Aku adalah kecepatan dan kecepatan adalah aku. Di sekolah, banyak yang menjulukiku “Yuta Si Angin”. Ya, sejak dulu aku sangat suka berlari. Lariku sangatlah cepat. Akulah pemegang rekor lari tercepat di sekolah. Tapi, karena lariku yang cepatnya melewati batas kecepatan manusia biasa, aku sering sekali sampai ke tempat yang tidak seharusnya kudatangi, atau lebih normal disebut tersesat.
    Sesaat, aku merasa angin yang semenjak tadi menerpaku dengan kencang sekarang berkurang. Atau lebih tepatnya, kecepatankulah yang berkurang. Kedua petasan itu mati. Ya, makin lama makin lambat dan akhirnya berhenti. Ya. Berhenti.
    Aku terdiam sejenak. Dan kurasakan angin yang tiba-tiba bertiup kencang menerpaku. Dan kulihat sebuah mesin terbang raksasa yang disebut pesawat terbang jauh di atasku. Apakah itu pesawat yang dinaiki Lucia? Atau bukan? Sial! Aku harus memastikannya. Aku harus segera sampai ke bandara. Papan skate yang sebelumnya kunaiki pun kepegang dengan erat dan aku pun berlari secepat yang kubisa. Belum lama, aku sampai di depan rumah Lucia. Dan yang kulihat di sana adalah, Lucia! Wow!
    “Yuta!” katanya dengan wajah terkejut.
    “Kau belum berangkat?” tanyaku terengah-engah.
    “Yuta! Awas!!” teriaknya tiba-tiba.
    Dia tidak menjawab pertanyaanku? Memangnya ada apa dia memperingatkanku seperti itu? Aku pun melihat ke bawah. Aku baru sadar jika aku tidak benar-benar berada di depan rumah Lucia. Aku berada di tengah jalan di depan rumah Lucia. Tunggu! Jalan!?
    “Yutaaa..!!” teriak Lucia lagi.
    Aku pun melihat ke kiri. Dan yang terlihat olehku adalah sebuah mesin yang terlihat sangat besar. Atau mungkin terlihat seperti itu karena begitu dekat denganku. Hei! Apa? Mesin? Gawat! Aku tak bisa bergerak! Sial!
    Dan kemudian, aku merasa tubuh bagian kiriku didorong oleh sesuatu yang sangat kuat yang kemudian terasa ke seluruh tubuhku. Pandanganku menjadi kabur. Dan yang terdengar olehku hanyalah teriakan histeris Lucia.
    Lalu aku tak mendengar apapun dan semua menjadi gelap.

Lost Adventure The KAGURA (Chap. 3)


     Beberapa minggu telah berlalu sejak kejadian “itu”. Kejadian yang berupa tragedi  yang menimpa gadis terpopuler di sekolah, Fabia Inzz. Kejadian yang secara tidak langsung merupakan kesalahanku, Yuta Mori.

    Kini, atmosfer di tempat menuntut ilmu ini terasa berbeda, karena gadis terpopuler di sekolah itu menderita patah tulang kaki, tepatnya di kaki kiri. Sungguh malang nasibnya. Ya, dan sekali lagi hal itu merupakan kesalahanku. Fabia tidak lagi dipandang oleh semua orang, bahkan oleh teman-teman sepermainannya. Ditambah lagi, dia menderita trauma. Setiap dia melangkahkan kaki menuju jalan raya, dan melihat kendaraan-kendaraan melintas, dia berteriak histeris. Dan, setiap dia melihatku, dia seperti seseorang yang hilang akal dan berlari ketakutan tanpa arah dan tujuan yang jelas. Kini, aku benar-benar merasa bersalah padanya.
    Lalu, hari ini, entah kenapa, tiba-tiba gadis yang kusukai, Lucia Elsie, mendatangiku dan tersenyum.
    “Hai, Yuta,” katanya sambil tersenyum.
    “Ah, hai.. Ada apa, Lucia?” tanyaku.
    “Aku ingin mengatakan sesuatu padamu. Bisakah nanti sepulang sekolah kau datang ke belakang sekolah?” katanya.
    “Ya, akan kuusahakan aku datang,” jawabku seadanya.
    “Kutunggu,” katanya sambil tersenyum manis sembari berjalan pergi menuju kelasnya.
     Tunggu! Apa yang akan dia katakan padaku? Apa? Aaaarggh..!! Aku penasaran! Aku ingin secepatnya mengetahui apa yang akan dia katakan padaku. Tapi bagaimanapun aku harus menunggu hingga bel pelajaran terakhir berbunyi.
     Saat pelajaran, aku sama sekali tak bisa memperhatikan dan memahami pelajaran apapun yang diterangkan oleh guru di depan kelas. Walaupun aku berada di ruang kelas, tapi rasanya pikiran dan jiwaku berkeliling ke tempat lain karena terus penasaran dengan apa yang akan dikatakan oleh Lucia. Sesaat jiwaku terasa kembali, lalu kulihat jam dinding di kelasku. Masih pukul 10.16! Dan bel terakhir baru akan dibunyikan pada pukul 13.00! Terlebih lagi, saat kulihat pergerakan jarum jam itu, sedetik terasa sangaaat lamaa.. Siaaal..!! Aku tidak sabaaaarr..!!!
     Entah kenapa setelah itu aku merasa tubuh dan jiwaku mengambang di suatu dimensi yang lain. Di sana, yang terlihat adalah hamparan tanah lapang yang sangat luas. Dan terlihat sebuah pesawat di langit. Tempat apa ini?
      Belum sempat aku memikirkan tentang tempat itu, tiba-tiba tubuh dan jiwaku serasa berpindah lagi ke dimensi lain. Dan kali ini, aku mendengar sesuatu. Sesuatu yang berbunyi dengan keras. Sesuatu yang berbunyi cukup lama. Sesuatu yang baru kusadari adalah bel sekolah. Aku langsung menyadari bahwa barusan aku tertidur dan bermimpi. Tapi apa arti mimpi itu?
      Tanpa memikirkan hal itu lama-lama, mataku langsung tertuju ke arah jam dinding kelas. Dan jam itu menunjukkan pukul 13.00 yang berarti bel barusan adalah bel pelajaran terakhir. Setelah guru keluar, langsung kupegang tas punggungku dan berlari secepat mungkin menuju belakang sekolah. Tapi anehnya, walaupun aku merasa aku sudah berlari cukup jauh dan seharusnya sudah sampai di lokasi, aku malah tersesat ke ruang kepala sekolah.